Researching in the Library

In the last session of CTS we talked about how to look for books in the library. We were introduced to a library categorising system which was developed in the 19th century.

There are ten main categories:
000 computer science, information and general works
100 philosophy and psychology
200 religion
700 arts and recreation
800 literature
900 history and geography

Furthermore, there are many more sub-categories which are more specific and go deeper into the topic.

We all had to look up a book using this system. Afterwards we talked about cataloguing and came to the point that there are books that do not just belong to one category but could fit (better) into different ones.
It was interesting to use this system of searching for books in a time were everything is online and we can find books by using a computer which tells us the exact place where the book is going to be.


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