Cataloguing in Marketing


In this CTS session we talked about categorising in the marketing area. There are the “5 Hack Racks” which help cataloguing different things in different ways. Shops and companies use them to organise their catalogues which makes them easy for looking up specific things.

  1. category
  2. alphabet (e.g. dictionary, encyclopaedia)
  3. time (e.g. history books)
  4. location (e.g.. where to find a store)
  5. continuum (e.g.. organisation by height) or hierarchy

Then we discussed about how companies set up fictional personas in order to organise their shops in a specific way. Those personas are researched but do not have to apply, there are just a helping tool.

We made our own personas, working in teams of three. In my group we had a family with three generations (grandmother, mother, daughter). We filled out a questionnaire with interests and information of our person. Furthermore we had to draw a shop and fill it with items the person would like and leave out things which are unnecessary for our fictional character. The shop has to be appealing to our specific persona and their interests.




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