TINTIN: Hergé’s Masterpiece

Somerset House is hosting a new exhibition about the comics of TinTin from the Belgian creator Georges Remi (1907-1983) who is also known as Hergé. His work is displayed in three rooms and feature pages of his drawings and small sculptures of the comic character TinTin and his friends. When I think of TinTin and his adventures I think of my childhood when my mum used to buy me comics of TinTin. Even though these comics were more present during the childhood of my parents generation, it still reminds me of mine.

The rooms where the works are displayed are very beautiful and decorative. The wooden floor has decorative shapes in different shades of brown wood. On the windows are translucent sheets with illustration of the artist. On the opposite wall of the windows there where big illustrations and the background was blue and light blue vertically striped. On the other two walls is information about the illustrator, his life and career organised chronological. In the middle of each room there was a case with little figures which staged a scene of one of the comic books. A key piece of the exhibition was a big 3D mansion in the last room, which is featured in the book “The Adventures of TinTin, Red Rackham’s Treasure”.

I think the display of this exhibition was really appealing and beautiful to look at. Although I believe that there could have been more actual illustrations and sketches hung up on the walls, the exhibition provides a good source of information and nostalgia.

IMG_7371   IMG_7373




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