JULIA MARGARET CAMERON: Influence and Intimacy

The Science Museum is now hosting an exhibition about the British photographer Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879). She became known for her portraits of friends, acquaintances  and celebrities of her time which were seen as different and almost controversial.

The room where the photographer’s work is displayed is a rectangle with brown and black walls. When you enter the single room of the show, you will find information about the artist and her life placed on a wall. In the middle of the room, there are white rectangular walls in different sizes arranged in a circular way. The portraits are displayed on those white walls and you make your way around them and go see the photographs on the inner side afterwards.

I think the relatively small space was used efficiently because of the extra walls put in the room. I believe this exhibition was my favourite out of the three I visited (TinTin, Torn Papers and Walls Paper). The work is put out nicely and the photographs are amazing.




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