In Tate Modern is an exhibition called “Making Traces” which also features a room with the title “Torn Papers and Walls Paper”. In the room there are three different abstract art pieces which should represent “the material traces of the modern city”.

Before you come to this specific room, you’ll have to pass through some other showrooms of the main exhibition “Marking Traces”. When you enter the room you’ll see three big abstract and colourful pieces of art. Every piece is powerful and expressive. There is a lot going on. The pieces are mixed media, printed papers torn on canvas and lithographs on newsprint paper. I really liked them because they are so powerful and if you look into detail you’ll find so much more and that’s really interesting. I think the presentation is also well made because the space is used well. On Three of the four walls there is on each an art work and on the fourth wall is the explanation and information about this room and its artists. The artist featured in this room are Jaques Mahé de la Villeglé, Mark Bradford and Gordon Matta-Clark.

I believe if you want to enjoy this exhibition you also have to take the other rooms into consideration and how they work together. The other rooms featured drawings, paintings and sculptures. The exhibitions in Tate Modern are always intriguing and inspiring so it is worth to take a look for yourself.


Jaques Mahé de la Villeglé, Jazzmen, 1961 (printed papers on canvas)
Mark Bradford, Riding the cut vein, 2013 (mixed media on canvas)
Mark Bradford, Riding the cut vein, 2013 (mixed media on canvas)
Gordon Matta-Clark, Walls Paper, 1972 (offset lithographs on newsprint paper)



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