Initial Research/Museums


Further Research on the two objects:

Artist Andy Warhol, research gestures&body language, speeches, documentaries



Development/Experimentation/more Research

I tried to combine the two objects. I looked at the gestures of dictators. Their hand language is strong so I added the veins and arteries in their silhouettes. Later a manipulated version of those drawings came into my book as screen prints.

Experimentation with gestures and silhouettes. (ink/photo copier/tracing paper)



The combination of my two objects brought me to dissection and what a dictator is made of (not literally). I researched the cutting-edge Anatomage Table and did some drawings with tracing paper. Later I found an artist called John Heartfield who was part of the Dada movement in Germany. He created a collage of Hitler with his body showing and filled with coins. That reminded me of my own dissecting ideas.

A few images of the 25 drawings we had to make. The object was inspired by the theatre where students watched surgeons work in the 16th century.



Cover Experimentation



Research and putting the pages together.





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