1st ‘manifesto’ blog post

In the beginning of the week I had a talk with my tutor about the manifesto project. My manifesto is about pizza and how food in general brings people together. He said I had a good start for the project but not enough. I hadn’t figured everything out so I had to come up with new ideas to support the project. It was a quite difficult thing to do for me because I somehow couldn’t come up with anything good. I did more research and finally an idea struck me. From that day on I continued working on the idea I had and on Friday I presented my idea. I want to create an app to find people in your area to have lunch or coffee with. It is an app to meet new people and generally to have a meal with someone else and not alone. Everyone was really supportive of my idea and a discussion started. Tony said I should also think about the security of the people who might use the app.

Furthermore I did some research and started setting up a website and created some logos. I think I will use the website to explain my idea and possible layouts of the app instead of a booklet. I cannot actually make the app so this will do.

The container of the press kit will probably be a pizza box which has various departments. The contents of the kit will be a CD or flash drive for my video, a flyer for the website/app, the bound constitution, stickers and a poster.

pizza background
background pizza

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