2nd Blog post: manifesto

This week I finally found the right website with which I created mine. I’ve tried weebly.com and squarespace.com but they were no good. I found wix.com which makes it really easy to set up a website and it didn’t crash the whole time like the other two. I created the website to explain my app.
I did research on how to make an app and other apps in general. There are some apps with similar features. I created the layout of the app on Illustrator which was nice. I thought about making a real app but there is not enough time until the deadline but maybe I’ll try it in my free time.

I wanted to make a stop motion video where I actually make a pizza and write or make images with the ingredients. I did make the pizza but I could not make the film because it was really hard to play with the ingredients. Then I researched animation and gifs and tried to make a simple stop motion animation instead of the real life movie. It turned out okay.
I made another animation which turned out really simple but I think it conveys my idea. I have never made an animation so it is interesting to learn something about it.

I made a QR Code which brings you to my website. You can scan the code with your mobile device and go directly to the website instead of typing in the url which is really long. (http://johannablaha.wix.com/pizzaforall)

Furthermore I created a booklet for the website. It is an information booklet which explains the app. I also added the QR code on the last page.

I got a pizza box as a template. I still have to think about how I am going to make my container for the media kit.

During the week I added more sites to my app and to my website.
I also started the constitution.

Another outcome for my project are stickers with the logo. I looked at various sticker companies but they are all really expensive and you have to order a huge amount.
I finally found a the right provider. I ordered 2 designs (logo and a pizza). I had to order 250 but it is cheaper than other services. I will probably stick a lot of stickers as a design on the container.

This monday I printed the booklet and my constitution and also bound it. The booklet has a spiral binding and the constitution is stapled because it only consists of 2 A4 sheets. Both books are in A5.

It was a productive week and I have almost all designs figured out which is nice. I had some problems with the website and also with the printing because the paper I wanted to use was too thick for the printer and it got jammed. I had to use different, more glossy paper instead of the matt (with more texture) paper.
The animation was also not easy to do and is quite simple so I probably try to improve that this week.



app booklet17
page from booklet
ANIMATION pizza flash0141



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