3rd blog post: manifesto

I did more research on how to create an app.
This week my stickers finally came and I am really happy with the outcome.

I made my box this week. I got a pizza box as a template because I wanted my box to look like that. First I used some cardboard to recreate a pizza box. I cut it out and then I wanted to make it more stable so I covered it with a flour-water mixture and pieces of scrap paper. I let it dry over night and then painted it white. But it didn’t work out as planned because my box got stiff and deformed and too big. So I used a box which was in a rectangle shape (and thinner card) and transformed it into a square box. It is not as big as an actual pizza box which would be too big. All my content fits perfectly.
I decorated my box with the stickers.

In the beginning of the week I printed and bound my constitution booklet and my app booklet. I chose to use staples to bind the constitution because it has not much pages. The other booklet has a spiral binding on top but not on the left side. I think it the binding is really good because it’s different and I believe also more fun and suits my project.
The paper which I wanted to use was too thick for the printer and it got jammed so I had to use the one from the university. It wasn’t my first choice but it works as well.

I made some business cards where I used a design I drew. On the back I printed the qr-code which is linked to my website. I didn’t want to put the weblink or other things on the card because it wouldn’t look as good because the link is really long and complicated. I cut the cards in shape of bacon. It came out well and then I thought I could actually screen print them as well. On friday it did it and printed the cards in many different colours. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Furthermore I did some linocutting and printed it on the cover my constitution and on the brown paper bags I made for the booklets. It looks a bit messy and not perfect and that’s what I like. First I thought about making some screen prints but I prefer the linocuts for the constitution.

Finally I only had to finish my animation. I thought about starting all over again but when I looked at the animation again, I started to like it. It is simple and funny and suits my project. I edited a bit and added some music which also made a difference and now I’m happy with it.


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