Illustrating Ideas


In this CTS afternoon session we talked about how to use Illustration to communicate ideas. It helps to make your ideas more understandable if you use drawings to explain things.

  • using other people’s work to illustrate your idea
    e.g. Leslie Starke, New Yorker, July 1973; Cavemen/women comic
  • illustrating someone else’s ideas
    illustrated lecture
    royal society of arts, RSA; video of a lecture where everything that’s been said is drawn on a white board -> makes it easier to understand if there’s a visual and oral presentation
  • referencing with images
    using your own images to support your writing

Thinking trough drawing.

Then we had to draw our project and explain what the project is about with this drawing. It is really easier and practical to explain your work with images.

This is my drawing which helped me communicate my ideas.



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