4th Blog Post: Manifesto

This week started out with the crit on monday. But first we had a walk around in the main studios where we could see all of the work of the other people on our course. There were lots of amazing projects and it was really inspiring to see what everyone else is doing.
Later on I had my crit which went really well. I got some good feedback and ideas how to improve.

In this week I attended two workshops, one was box making and the other one was coptic binding, both in the book arts area. I liked both very much and really learned some practical skills.

Furthermore I began to take photos of my outcome and my sketchbook for the PDF.
I still did work in my sketchbook but the outcome was already done. I did more research on how to create an actual app and what you need to know. I am still looking into this topic.

I worked on my website, uploaded and organised blog posts and photographs.
I also started creating my PDF file for the assessment on friday. It is quite difficult to cut down the amount of sketchbook pages I can include in the file.
I feel quite confident about my project right now.


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