2nd blog post: UTOPIA

This week I did more research and experimentation with inks. I had several ideas and just played around with them.
I was still doing general research and came up with ideas for the project but since we had not decided what the concept of our project was I tried things out.

On Sunday I scyped with one of my group mates, Kaush, and we came up with an idea for the utopia and the concept. We talked about making a jungle environment with animalistic creatures. Since we both really like colour we thought about using colour as a metaphor for power and enlightenment. We talked about how the utopia is also always a dystopia in a way. We came up with the idea that our utopia will go over into a dystopia where the colours will fade and everything gets more and more pixelated. The idea of the pixelation came from Kery in our group on Friday when we had the tutorial.
After our talk I was confident about the presentation on the next day.
Then I just experimented with colours and created some patterns and animal characters.

I also watched Interstellar which I liked a lot. The images where very interesting and amazing. I especially liked the one planet where everything was icy and sharp geometrical forms.


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