Alice in the British Library

The British Library is currently hosting an Alice in Wonderland exhibition to celebrate its 150th anniversary of the publication. The exhibitions explores how Alice was featured over so many years.
When you first go see the exhibition you notice a lot of interactive props in the front. There are mirrors who distort the vision and big illustrations of Alice and her friends. It is an entertaining feature, especially for children but also for the grown-ups who grew up with Alice.
There is a certain path which you have to follow to look at the exhibition from the start to the end. It is great to see Lewis Carroll’s original manuscript with hand-drawn illustrations alongside with many different editions of other artist over time.
But illustrations and original notes are not the only thing you see in this exhibition. There are ceramics, statues, card games, stamps and even videos of adaptations of the story. The art ranges from the original hand-drawing black and white illustrations over psychedelic posters to surrealistic images. They also featured the first prints which were woodcut prints which were detailed and still in a good condition.

Overall it was a very good exhibition although it was quite small. I thought they would show more due to the fact Alice has been around for 150 years. It was amazing too see the different versions and interpretations of Alice and the story from so many artists like Salvador Dali, Ralph Steadman, Disney, Barry Moser and more. This exhibition takes you back to your childhood and it is a nice experience. You actually see how much of an impact Carroll’s story had which is amazing.


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