3rd blog post: Utopia

This week our group met up and we talked about how we could collaborate our different illustration styles in the final outcome. We exchanged our work and decided to experiment with it.

I created more background with mostly ink and put illustrations on it on Adobe Illustrator. I enjoy mixing media like hand drawn art and manipulating them digitally. You can use so many things together without loosing the original pieces. I experimented with different background which I enjoyed.
Furthermore I looked into character design and created some. Then I tried to make some paper puppets for our performance. I also tried to make the heads out of clay but I only had really old clay so it didn’t work out very well. Then I used Fimo which was fun because I could use many colours and you just have to bake it. It is actually quite difficult to create the shapes with it.

On Friday we had group activities where we had to make costumes and masks for ourselves for the project. It was fun to experience how the other people in my group worked. In the end we had a photoshoot. The next exercise was to make an audio thing. We got scripts and just tried out different things. We found this app called QQ where it modifies your voice which we might use for our final outcome.


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