4th blog post: Utopia

This week we met up and started to create the background for the utopia. We sectioned our background into 3 ‘worlds’ or places. The first one is the generic city where everything looks the same is boring. Kaush illustrated that with simple line drawings. Then there is the utopia where everything is extremely colourful and lively. The third part is the dystopia where the colours are fading and everything is not good anymore. We had a big wallpaper and started with the generic city. We copied Kaush’s illustrations and put many houses together. The colour utopia is made out of my ink backgrounds and plant illustrations. Again we copied a lot and then collaged it together. I organised how it’s going to look and then glued everything down which was a lot. For the dystopia we wanted to use somebody else’s work but then decided to use again my ink drawings because only three of the group where here. Kaush and I also drew some simple buildings so that it looks like a city jungle. In the meantime Kery drew out the movements of the main character which was a lot of work because we wanted to make an animation.
Furthermore I made more heads of characters with Fimo.
I had some concerns about the animation because it would take a long time to make it properly but we stuck to it.

The following week we had a tutorial with Leigh. He liked our idea and the meaning behind it which Elise wrote together. He thought we made our project too complicated with the animation because it takes a lot of work and it would not look as good.
This afternoon we all sat together and decided to use our initial idea of paper dolls to make a stop motion animation. We stuck the background to a wall and everyone cut out their characters and stuck a wire to the back. Then we took photos of only the main character moving and the other characters where in the background staying still. It took us a long time to take the pictures and how to take them. We had 15 different images of the main character moving and took photos of them.

After that everyone got the photos and Kery started to edit the photos and made an animation. We are going to meet up tomorrow (Thursday) to take photos of our 3D characters and to look over the animation again to edit the audio.




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