Where is Illustration?

CTS 10.03.2016


Illustration is everywhere we go and everywhere we see. It is used in advertisements, children’s books, magazines and other places. It gives us the visual content of an idea or concept. An illustration is bringing us closer to something that we read. We get a visual impact that helps us understand. It can convey many different things and feelings like happiness, anger or frustration.
Illustration has always been in our lives; it starts as a baby when we have illustrative wall paper and picture books. They follow us for the rest of our lives and they are not only eye candy but also convey deeper information and feelings. The artist shows us how he or she feels about something and we can read a lot into it. They show us how they see the world.

Illustration appears in every culture. They reach everywhere from Cave drawings to Egyptian papyrus drawings. Though illustration we get a closer look on history. We see how people from different time periods expressed themselves and what tools they had to draw with. It tells the story of cultures and time. Illustration communicates with people from everywhere, from every status. Whether you are/were able to read or not, it does not matter because everyone understands visual communication without education.

‘A good picture book for me, is littered with gaps. The gaps are between the words and pictures, it’s these gaps that the active reader has to fill and connect. It can even be done in a way that perhaps the artist didn’t intend, that’s the freedom found in picture books.’

Simon James (2013)

James suggests that a good book interacts with the audience. It communicates a basic idea or concept but gives the freedom to bring in your own thoughts and opinions. We can be imaginative with such a book and apply our own experience to it which makes the book more relatable to ourselves.

We had to draw with a partner where each of us drew a line and then it was the other person’s turn. The final outcome varies from image to image; sometimes it was just a random imagery with lines and sometimes it was an actual thing.


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