Entrepreneurship comes from the French word ‘entreprendre’ which means ‘to undertake’. An entrepreneur is someone who converts a new idea or invention into an innovation. An entrepreneur is not a businessman driven by money, but passion. It takes courage and confidence to become an entrepreneur and the right mind-set. The process of conceiving, designing and developing an idea is not for everyone; the idea has to be powerful and unique in order to gain traction.

There are many different directions the term entrepreneurship can take. The ethnic entrepreneurship contains self-employed business owners who belong to a racial or ethnic minority. One of their main goals is to integrate in western economy where there is more opportunity to make money. Feminist entrepreneurship is another subsection that recognises women as strong and valuable asset to businesses worldwide. A good question to ask however would be why entrepreneurs feel the need to divide themselves into subsections. The general word entrepreneur includes everyone who identifies as one. There do not need to be several variations of the word for people who are women or come from a minority group. By using these categories people feel more excluded than if not. We are all humans and it is irrelevant and pointless to separate ourselves into various groups. As a woman, I would not introduce myself as a feminist entrepreneur if I choose to take this route, but simply as an entrepreneur. At the end of the day everyone is the same regardless of background, gender or race. It is pointless to specify details such as gender or race when dealing with business; it does not affect the work the individual puts in.

Everyone has the right to label themselves however they want, but in my opinion we should stop dividing people into sub-sections and call them as they are – entrepreneurs.


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