Beauty Salon

Last week I was put in a group with other students to create an event in a weeks time. The project ran under the name ‘Beauty Salon’ and our assignment was to put up an event where we could provide any service in exchange for money or not. It was a really broad assignment so we could do whatever we wanted.

My group created a Facebook chat group so all of us could stay in touch with each other. We bounced ideas back and forth over the week and then we finally decided on what were going to do. We wanted to screen a movie and provide snacks and services. People started to think about which part they wanted to play with planning the event. At the event we offered free nail painting, hair braiding, cupcakes and brownies and we were screening the film ‘Clueless’.
I designed the flyer and poster for the event and on Tuesday we were handing them out to the students. We engaged with them to make them excited for the event.
Half an hour before the start of our event we noticed that we couldn’t use the room we were supposed to be in because of a water leakage. We quickly changed the room numbers on the posters in the tower block to send the people to the right room.
We also got some bean bags and decorated the room. To interact with our customers we asked the what they think beauty is. It was really nice to see all those different reactions.

To conclude the event was quite successful considering the time and place of the event. People showed up, used our services and ate the baked goods. We were all happy how it turned out, being the first project and group that had to do it. It was fun to do but not always easy, but we overcame obstacles together which was successful.


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