Creative Entreprise Week


Statistics say that from the young people who will want to work in the creative industries only 40% will find a job. The rest has to create their own job. UAL organised a week all about entrepreneurship. The so-called enterprise week aims to inform students how the creative industry works and how to establish yourself in it. There are lots of talks in all of the colleges of UAL which cover different themes like how to build your own business or how collaboration is significant. It was an opportunity to find out more about the creative industry.

Within the CTS lesson we had interactive exercises to do. First we had to set up the space in the Upper Gallery. We hung up posters, set up activities and the projector. One wall had written ‘Problems’ on it and on the opposite wall ‘Solutions’. Afterwards we got a brief that said we have to think about the problems with the current and coming working industry. We have to create 600 million jobs in the next ten years because 60 percent of graduates will not have a job. They have to create their own jobs as they do not exist yet. Everyone had to think about the problems that they see with this topic, write it on post-its and put it up. Then we organised the problems into categories: ego (personal), community and global. In the end we had to find solutions to each of the issues written on the post-its. There were a lot of personal issues like lack of confidence, creativity and motivation. If we would solve the issues within the community section the global problems would be able to tackle or would solve themselves. I think the approach to start with yourself to change would help a lot and will start the ball rolling. We cannot expect everyone else to make a difference without starting by ourselves. I think people have to start acting and solving your own problems in order to get everyone else starting. Set an example, be self aware and take the initiate because you can only change yourself and no-one else. If everyone begins contributing we become a bigger force which can solve bigger difficulties which are within the community and worldwide. When we stop blaming others and start looking at ourselves, we can actually work together. It is up to us to turn things around and when we are engaging with each other much can be accomplished.

I enjoyed the day because we not only talked about current problems with the industry/ourselves/the situation but also about how we can change them. It encouraged me and motivated me to engage with people and my work as well. Many students felt the same worries about the future and it made me realise everyone feels the same. Everyone is worried about the future but there is a way to find solutions.


Creative Enterprise Week. (2016). Home – Creative Enterprise Week. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20. Nov. 2016].


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