Collaboration – 1


To begin with the project I researched immersive theatre a lot. Immersive theatre is a performance where the audience plays a role to a certain extent. It could be that the audience is encouraged to interact with the actors and the set. Sometimes they can walk around and choose what to see and what to skip from the play. The audience is able to explore the theatrical environment and it is an experience in itself to look at the set design as if they were in a different world. It was revolutionary for the common theatre where the viewer sits in front of a scenery, watching from a distance where as in an immersive performance they play a more or less active role. They contribute to the performance.
I found the organisation Punchdrunk who do lots of immersive theatre and it is really interesting to see how they change how theatre is perceived. The audience create their own journey through the ‘world’.


I also found an organisation which is called Secret Cinema. They recreate famous movies so that the viewer relives the movie. On their website they show video footage of films they recreated and it looks amazing. You can be part of your favourite film. Every piece they made is made up differently. You could be dancing on a field to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack or actually live through an epidemic of 28 Days Later. Those performances are highly engaging and I believe that is a great different way to experience theatre.


I was also researching Pop up books and how they have been used in theatre. I found this play ‘The Hobbit’ where the set is a huge pop up book. It is visually stunning and also the technical side to is really interesting. How they created each scene through another page of a book. I am personally really interested in set design and how they build it. It must take a lot of technical stuff to get the set working the way the director wants to.


Here are some other interesting websites about immersive theatre that I looked at:


Scan 2..jpeg


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