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A “real Viennese” for the town hall square

The 27-meter high Christmas tree was set up on Wednesday morning. The use of illumination follows on 12 November.

02/11/2016 | 12:49 | (

This year there is a home game: The Christmas tree which has been drawn up on Wednesday morning before the City Hall Square, comes from the town’s source protection forests in Lower Austria and Styria borderlands Schneeberg Area / Rax.

The town square is supplied annually since 1959 by another state with a Christmas tree. Last year came the tall Advent decoration of Tyrol, now Vienna was his turn. A special transporter provided in the morning the spruce, which offers the hard facts 130 years and 27 meters. “And what many do not know or can not believe: The tree is seven and a half tons,” revealed Forestry Director Andreas Januskovecz.

The search for the perfect Christmas tree proved to be not so simple, because: “The bottom line is: The tree must be beastet to bottom and we do not see the forest That is, we go to the pastures, we look where.. around meadow is where it is free. And since then trees are wanted. ” Several copies were shortlisted: “And the most beautiful thing it has become.”

Traditional routinely went putting up the tree on the main square. Using multiple worker and two cranes this was done in one and a half hours. In the following days, the spruce is embellished and adorned with LED lights.

From “Magic of Advent” is “Christmas Dream”

Switching on the lighting of the “real Wieners” is finally made at a ceremony by Mayor Michael Häupl (SPÖ). This takes place on Saturday, November 12, at 17.30, at the official opening of the Christmas market. The market offers a new way this year-round concept under a new name: From the “Magic of Advent”, the “Christmas Dream”. The most noticeable changes here are ice rinks, which are built in the City Hall Park.

The Town Hall Square is not the only one prominent place starting today decorates a Christmas tree. As Christmas embellished a 58 years old spruce the courtyard of the castle Schönbrunn.

The conifer which comes from the Federal Forests ground Brixen Valley in Tyrol, has been lifted in the morning by crane from the low loader and placed in the courtyard. At 7.00 am it was said: “tree stands.” Until he shines in full splendor, it but also will take. The lighting is on 19 November when the Christmas market opened in the courtyard, turned.


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