Catalyst 2

The first part of the project was to find a news story that sparks an interest in us. It could be anything we like. I was looking at Austrian newspaper and I found a nice story about how the Town Hall Square in Vienna got its annually Christmas tree. It said what is important when choosing the tree and where it came from.
Then we had to research the theme, setting, plot and characters of the story and then change two of the components to create our own story. I wanted to create a guide to find the perfect Christmas tree. I want it to be a fun story explaining what you will need and what it takes to get the perfect tree.

I looked at a book called ‘Guide to Taxidermy’ which was first published in 1908. It held illustrations and step-to-step guides on the topic. It was an old book and I really liked how they explain everything and used illustration.

I did a lot of research about trees and their environment. What tree is used as a Christmas tree and how does it have to look. What is important for choosing the right one. Smell, colour of needles, hight and if it is symmetrical are all factors to choose a tree.


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