Catalyst 5: Content

I started thinking about what I wanted to have as content for each page. I started out general, I wrote down ideas and sketched them out. I thought about what my character should do and how it should behave. I chose to make a male character as I wanted it to be an old book with old traditions when the man was in charge of physical activities. It should be long process to actually find the perfect tree. You have to prove you’re “a real man”. One has to endure long waits in the cold and other, maybe dangerous, stuff. Maybe he would meet a bear and he has to run away. I wanted it to be a funny book. A man hunting a tree.
Those activities and sketches reminded me of a movie. It is an german film about Indians and Cowboys. There was a scene how to be a cowboy and how to defend yourself, what to do and what not. I was presented in points with a narrator just like the cartoons I’ve watched. I thought about showing on one page what you have to do to catch the tree and what not to do.


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