Printing & Binding

I was thinking about binding and print finishing early on and I soon decided to print A2 and the saddle stitch it. I wanted to make a hard cover and instead wrapping it in a cloth I wanted to use paper with an image of my backgrounds on. Unfortunately it would not work out as when folding the paper the image would crack, and paper choice is also a factor.
I went to and called at least 5 printing shops but nobody printed A2 double sided. I heard that you can print A2 double sided in university but it would have been really expensive. I decided to print on A3 but that meant I had to change the binding. First I printed on cartridge paper (210gsm) but the colours were off and everything had a yellow hue. So I reprinted it on semi-glossy white paper (300gsm). I like the way it looked and felt. I wanted to do perfect binding but 20 pages was too little to bind it that way. Finally I decided to use a variation of perfect binding. I used fake perfect binding and stapled my pages on the sides and covered it with the cover. In the end I used a soft cover which I wanted to duplex but it was advised not to do it as the paper might wrinkle.
Printing and binding is always challenging even though you might think you’ve got it figured out. Fortunately I did not leave that until last minute but more time so I could solve problems that came along.



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