3: Ideas

When I brainstormed ideas for this project I came across the idea of bird prostitution which can be a bird house. A woman can be called ‘bird’ and a house full of women could be a brothel. So I started drawing birds in this environment. The interesting part was also that the male birds are the ones that have beautiful feathers in amazing colours and the females are ‘less’ exiting to look at. Research showed that birds are very important to a lot of religions or tales. Birds have been celebrated and honoured for centuries. The peacock for example is mother earth in ethnic groups in India. The raven and crows are said to be some gods spy on earth. There is a lot to read about and it is very interesting.


Addiction is also a big topic that came through research. Sex can be an addiction as many other things.


I was researching about birds a lot and there are 2 types of baby birds: nestlings and fledglings. When people see a baby bird on the floor alone they mostly think they need to help them because the parents are no where to see. The nestling is very young and needs help so you can take it home. It is a common myth that birds will not take back their babies but that is not true as birds have very bad smelling instincts so it does not matter if you touch it. Fledglings are juvenile birds who learn how to fly and look for food. It is normal that they stay on the ground for days or weeks until they learnt to take care of themselves. Even though it might seem that the parents left this young bird alone, they are always in hearing distance so if there is danger they can help their offspring. Most people might not know about this so they are tempted to pick up the fledgling thinking it needs their help. I thought about how people always need appreciation and often want to be needed by others. So they might do it more as a selfish act unconsciously. If you are not needed by someone one might feel alone. In a way people can be addicted to others need for them to help.


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