Pigeons take over cities in flocks. I wanted to show them in front of sights when they are everywhere. You almost cannot see the sights anymore because there is a grey wall. I painted over a relatively delicate drawing of a building and then went over with acrylic paint. I wanted it to be very dynamic and didn’t bother much with details. Even though there are very quick and expressive brush strokes which flow into each other, one is still able to recognise the pigeons immediately.




Further development:

To push this idea of pigeons taking over buildings I wanted to see if I can do it with other animals who are in flocks. Also I wanted to see how far I can reduce my painting that people still be able to recognise the animals/image. In the end I just painted grey blotches.



I especially like this image because of the shades of the grey. I simply painted on a page with grey paint and then cut out blobs of the building and sticked it onto the page. I think the simplicity of the grey colour is a great contrast to the detailed building which has some texture.



The final outcome I showed at the ‘exhibition’ was a series of three paintings. On each image the pigeons are depicted differently. It starts with just a grey wall or space. On the second image you can already see the dynamic of single shapes. The viewer will already know what the grey means. In the last painting you can see one pigeon clearly in the foreground. There is a dynamic flock of pigeons which does not consist of detailed animals but chaotic brush strokes in the background. The buildings are also drawn in different styles to emphasise the change.




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