I tried out collaging with birds and buildings. I wanted them to become one so that the building was part of the bird.
I researched a lot about raven and crows and their differences. I think they are really beautiful creatures. They have an mysterious aura.




As one of the four outcomes I chose to do an etching. It was the first time I did etching and I enjoyed it a lot. I believe you can be very creative with the mark making and then also with the printing. I did an induction in hard etching and soft etching. With hard etching you carve the image directly into the metal with a needle. With soft etching you draw on tissue paper covered metal and you have to press quite hard with the pencil. It is a relatively long process but fun at the same time. I like to work with my hands so that was no problem. Finally I had two different metal plates, one soft ground and one hard ground, and now I had to print them individually one after the other. At first the registration was hard. It was difficult to aline the second plate with the print. After all I used transparent paper to create a good registration. The illustration I printed was one of the collages I made before. It is a raven/crow and a concrete building which fit together.




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