Fine Art Photography

Two articles from the Guardian tackle the question whether photography is art or just an technological outcome. Jonathan Jones (2014) argues that technology is the key to good photography and everyone can do it. With a monochrome filter every picture will be ‘nostalgic and affectect’, it is an “artsy” special effect. He is very upset about the photograph that has been sold for £4.1m by Peter Lik which is of a canyon which has been shot a lot of times and all of them look similar. This photograph is a very bad example for good photography and the author throws every artist in the same pod. He says that no photographer is an artist as photography is a technology. Thought technology everyone can achieve to shoot great pictures. Sean O’Hagan (2014) argues against that with saying that photography ‘is about a way of seeing, not technology’. He says that a great photographer can shoot a great picture no matter the camera. Having an expensive DSLR camera does not make you an amazing photographer. It is simply an instrument to improve and support the artist’s work. Great photographers consider many things for taking pictures like composition, timing, colour, light and so on. They have to train their eye to see things differently. Photography can open up your imagination. O’Hagan says that photography is art but it is not measured by rich collectors who pay an ridiculous amount of money for ostentatious works of art. It is a way of capitalism which has not much to do with art itself rather than branding and money. The buyer makes his or her choice to buy an artwork for a lot of money. To conclude I disagree with the statement that photography is not considered art. There might be lots of photographers that shoot same pictures but an artist can transform the ordinary into something marvellous.

Lik, P. Phantom


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