I told Juliet my ideas for the sets and she encouraged me to look further into the ‘frame’ idea. So I looked at Victorian Theatre toys. I really like they way they are set up and creating depth with layers of backdrops.


Those are some examples I found on Pinterest. I have created an inspirational board on Pinterest. The concept is similar to the Victoria Theatres. They cut out layers and align them into a 3D piece.

Ideas for the set:

When our group met up we talked about our ideas and Juliet gave us a scene to work on. She also gave us a mock up of how it could look like. We discussed different ideas on how we will set up the set and what textures we could create and what material we could use.


After meeting up with my group I created a mock up how I saw the set. The scene we’re working on is a snowy forrest.
I wanted to keep the visuals in watercolour as Juliet was also with watercolours. She gave us a colour scheme to work with.
I thought about making everything out of paper and make the twisted tree (which is quite important in the scene) as a 3D object contrasting the paper work. I want to make layers and and trees in the backdrop do make the forest more dense.






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