Initial Ideas

As we got the script, my group (set design) agreed that everyone is going to do their own research and come up with ideas. We didn’t know which scene we would have to create. Also we did not have much information in general as the location of the play was unclear yet. I could be several rooms or just one big room. We didn’t know the dimensions of the location so it was quite hard to come up with a concept at first. That’s why we decided to generate ideas by our own and come together another day to discuss them.

I thought about general ideas on how a set could look like without focusing on one scene in particular. Juliet (our tutor) told us that she wants the set look ‘papery’ and ‘Pop up book like’.
I thought about frames that you could walk through which is building up depth.

Also I thought about how we could achieve a papery feel to the set. The play is based on a book so I came up with the idea of using actual pages of the book as a backdrop and cover the walls with it. It could look quite messy and then we could paint the set onto the the walls and frames. The paint could be a bit transluscent so you would still see the writing underneath. Additionally we could make props out of the pages or cover them with pages.



I found this image online of a mini-set and I really like the way the birds are cut out and you still see a white edge. I think that makes it feel really papery but you can build up some depth with layering.



More ideas:



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