In my group everyone said what they want to work on and I decided to work on the layers and the trees. I also did a mock up of the backdrop. We decided to make a concertina set.
I started experimenting with ink and watercolour washed. It looks organic and I like that if you do washes you only have a certain amount of control. The ink will do its own thing and that makes the outcome original and interesting.

Mock up for the background:

When my group met up again to actually work on the set, we bought all the materials that we needed. Also I set down with Salome who was doing the background to talk about colour and style so our drawings would match. The whole group was working on their own thing but we were still together so we could discuss the design. It was very productive and I enjoyed working together in the studios.
Those are layouts for the layers. We decided to make 4 of them and then add trees in between to make it more dense. Furthermore you can see the final layers that I made with watercolours.


I took some inspiration from:


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