Set-2 Construction


My group decided to work with paper and cardboard and metal wire for the tree. As we were doing a concertina we had to crease the cardboard. Eva and me went down to print finishing to crease the cardboard which was really exhausting and hard work. We decided to make the set on a A1 mount board as a base and A2 high.
To add more to the set we photocopied trees that I made and print them out in different sizes.


Inspiration that had:


Then we had to cut out the trees which was also a lot of hard work. Eva, Linnet and I cut them and we attached wire to the back in order to attach it to the set. For the tree trunks we used Linnets embossed paper that she made before. The colours did not come out great on the prints, they were pinkish and you could really see the difference between the layers and the background and the trees. Eva, Linnet and me decided to paint them with acrylic paint which worked out really well.

We had to glue cardboard onto the back of the layers to stabilise them. Eva, Linnet and me used double-sided tape which worked nicely.

Sandra is really good at embroidery so she embroided onto the trees and which looked amazing. Emma and Katie did the twisted tree and the jackrabbit out of wire. Salome did the background which worked together with the layers very well.

When everyone was done with their part, Linnet, Eva, Jasmin and I started to construct the set. We used mount board as a base. We had to tape wire in the creases of the concertina to stick it into the board. The idea for the layers was that you can slide them in and they hold in place. That way we could really play around with depth and arrangement and we could easily add more layers afterwards. For the floor we used tissue paper which makes a perfect texture for snow.
I really like working with my hands and I like to build sets and models. I like solving problems on how the set is build up and what we need to add stability to it.

As the set is really big it was quite difficult to put the background (which we taped onto cardboard) and the concertina which we used as side walls on to the base. But eventually Eva, Linnet, Jasmin and I managed to put everything in place.

Finished outcome:
In the end we added two trees in the front to make a better set. They where supposed to be with Sandra’s embroidery.



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