Time Present Time Future

Project Space is hosting a solo-exhibition of Minnie Weisz called ‘Time Present Time Future’ at the moment in their galley space sponsored by Olympus in Bermondsey. It is a very personal exhibition featuring photographs that reflect the artists life. Weisz creates an celebration of each place she encounters, ‘where paths of time, memory, history and space form a juxtaposition between the present and the past and the past in the present’ (Time Present Time Future, 2017)
Weisz travelled to Croatia to explore and take photographic recordings of spaces in remote locations. She also revisits places in London where she’s been and forms a connection between space and time. The photographs exhibited in the galley show interior spaces projected on with exterior places she has been encountered. The artist wants to open up a conversation between past and present, the real and the imagined.

The gallery space is quite small but does not seem cramped up with pieces of work. Every photographs has room to breathe but at the same time they form a thoughtful connection, linking them together as a series. The colours are faded and not bold which makes them feel like a dreamlike experience. In most of the interior images there is a projection of exterior places turned up-side-down. It conveys the fading of a line separating the two places and they flow into each other. The photographs are very compelling to look at.

The exhibition is an escape to the world of Weisz which is formed of connecting places though time and space. I personally really enjoyed this show and I think the artist shows and interesting approach to showing her moving through space through the images. The exhibition is still on until March 12.

(Time Present Time Future, 2017)


Time Present Time Future (2017) [Exhibition]. Project Space, London. 14.02-12.03.2017.


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